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Meet Brittany Martino, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Massage therapist Kitchener, Brittany MartinoBrittany attended Humber College for three years where she received her advanced diploma in Massage Therapy. Throughout that time, she gained experience treating a wide demographic of the population ranging from infants, athletes, diabetic patients, to individuals battling with addictions, epilepsy, ALS and cancer. Working in the hospital setting with her palliative patients was challenging. It gave her a sense of direction and purpose, as she was lifting spirits, while making the patient and their families as comfortable as possible.

In the spring of 2016, she performed a 10-week case study on Chronic Neck Pain and the effects of massage regarding pain, range of motion, and activities of daily living. As an advocate to massage therapy, she can passionately say that it truly impacts all aspect of your life and can prove to have long term effects on a healthy mind and body.

In addition to her interest in the field of medicine and health care, she is also a certified firefighter. Brittany completed the program in the winter of 2016 from the Ontario Fire Academy as the smallest female graduate in the school’s history!

As a young health care practitioner, she acknowledges that no two patients are alike. She does believe that all patients require the same amount of attention and dedication when generating treatment plans. Determination and perseverance are two driving factors in her practice and she looks forward to sharing her knowledge and expertise with the community and at Heritage Park Physical Therapy.

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